Your views about temporary changes at your GP practice during COVID-19

Date exercise ended - Monday, March 14, 2022


All GP practices in Sefton have continued to be open to treat patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic because of national measures that were introduced at the start of the pandemic. As well as these measures, six local GP practices took some additional steps to make sure they could deal with the challenges of treating their patients during the pandemic:

  • Seaforth Village Surgery
  • Litherland Practice
  • Netherton Practice
  • Thornton Practice
  • Crosby Village Surgery
  • Crossways

The practices started working together in pairs to strengthen the services they have been able to offer during this time. It has meant temporarily closing Seaforth, Netherton and Crosby Village practices.

If you are a patient at one of those practices that has been temporarily closed, any face to face appointments you have needed have been held at a different location as follows:

  • Seaforth Village Surgery patients are seen at Litherland Practice
  • Netherton Practice patients are seen at Thornton Practice
  • Crosby Village Surgery patients are seen at Crossways

We are working with these practices to ask about your experience of all these temporary changes and measures. This will help us to understand what has worked well, what has not and what will work in the future.

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