Community services

Date exercise ended - Saturday, April 30, 2016

We reviewed our local community services during the early part of 2016 and we asked residents for their views and experiences as part of this work to help us determine how they could be improved in the future. 

Community services is the collective name for a wide range of healthcare including blood testing, district nursing and community matrons, which is generally provided in clinics, other community venues and sometimes in people's homes.

Our Shaping Sefton vision for future services 

Our Shaping Sefton programme sets out our vision for all future healthcare which we call community centred health and care. In the future, we would like as much care as possible to be provided closer to people's homes whenever it is appropriate. We also want services to work better together, or are more joined up, so they offer our residents more individualised care based on their different needs. We know from speaking to our residents that this is what they would like too.

High quality community services that are better connected to other health and social care services play an important role in helping achieve this vision. This is why community services is one of our 'blueprint' areas that we would like to transform so they are better organised, managed and run.

Your views and experiences are important in helping us to shape these services so they are better equipped to deal with the changing needs of our patients into the future. 

How we involved people  

We went out and about across south Sefton to ask people for their views and experiences of community services, invitng them to fill in a survey. Our Big Chat 5 event also focused on community services. 

People could also submit their views online. We encouraged them to first read more about our vision for future healthcare in our 5 year strategy and blueprint for transforming services, then complete an online survey or to download and print off an easy read version of the survey and return it to us freepost.

What people told us

We complied all the feedback we received into a summary report and the results were used to inform our wider review of community services. 

Find out more about the future of community health services in south Sefton. 


Visit the ‘How we use your views’ section for examples of where your feedback has informed our work, plans and strategies.