Shaping Sefton

We know that if we are to meet the vision in our 5 year strategy we must transform the way services currently work, so they are better equipped and organised to meet the needs of our residents now and in the future. 

We call this transformational work Shaping Sefton.

 Shaping Sefton.png

Our blueprints for change

Our 5 year strategy is supported by our blueprint for transforming healthcare, which begins to describe what we need to do to turn our vision into reality - to help us in Shaping Sefton. 

Our blueprint sets out our 'locality' model for better organising and delivering future services, which we call community centred health and careIt describes eight priority health and transformational programmes, wrapped around our GP practices localities and their patients:

  • primary care
  • community services
  • urgent care
  • mental health
  • care for older and more frail people
  • intermediate care
  • cardiovascular disease
  • respiratory disease 

Our Shaping Sefton programme will help us to deliver the vision for improved health and wellbeing that we have set out in our 5 year strategy and blueprint for transforming services.

Shaping Sefton brings us together with organisations from across health and social care to look at how we can respond to our local challenges, by creating services that work more closely together, so each person’s care is better coordinated and tailored to their individual needs.

The programme has been designed using all the information we have about current and future health and services. Shaping Sefton also takes account of all the conversations we have had with our residents about what they want from local services and support.

You can find our more by downloading Shaping Sefton - our vision for community centred health and care

Working with our residents

At our Big Chat events and through our other activities and day to day work, we will continue to involve residents in discussions about what more we can do to make sure our services continue to be the best they can be.      

You will find a range of information about our Big Chats and other activities to gain people's views in the Get Involved section. 

Working with our partners   

We are leading this programme with support from the highly respected and independent King’s Fund and Sefton Health and Wellbeing Board. It began in early 2015 when we brought together professionals from across health and social care to start looking at how we might better join up care.

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