Our constitution

This important legal document has been agreed by all the individual GP practices that make up our membership. It describes how our members work together, as well as detailing the structures that we have put in place to make sure we operate effectively, transparently and in keeping with our legal duties.

In our constitution you will find information about our different committees and structures to ensure we have robust reporting arrangements throughout the organisation. It also details the powers that have been delegated to our governing body and other committees, so they can make decisions on behalf of our membership.

Our constitution reflects good governance practice and this includes operating as openly as possible and we have a number of organisational policies that support this approach, such as managing conflicts of interest.

We also publish a range of information that is in the public interest, such as our register of interests and hospitality registers that you can see below. 

Register of interests - Governing Body and CCG employees*

Register of interests - Members*

* The conflicts of interest guardian is Alan Sharples who is responsible for managing conflicts of interest in South Sefton CCG. If you have any queries or concerns you'd like to report, please contact Alan via email.

Sponsorship register

Register of commercial sponsorship

Gifts and hospitality register

Register of conflicts breaches