Freedom of information 

Freedom of information (FOI) requests about our organisation can be made by anyone, anywhere in the world. The Act is one of the ways to make sure that all public bodies are open and accountable. 

Our duty to you: 

  • Provide information to you about our organisation through a publication scheme
  • Provide a guide to this information
  • Respond appropriately to requests for information

How to make an FOI request

Before making a request, look at our FOI publication scheme to see if the information is already there. 

If you can’t find the information you want, you can make a request. Please note FOI requests must be in writing, as we cannot accept telephone requests. Remember to include your contact details and describe the information that you require in as much detail as you can.

Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests - Coronavirus notice

To help us respond to the coronavirus and ensure our staff are supported to work remotely in line with government guidelines, we are no longer able to accept freedom of information via post until further notice. 

We are requesting that all FOI requests are submitted via email:

Or using the online form - Fill out the form below and press the submit button.

Subject Access Requests 

We are requesting that all subject access requests are submitted via email:

Please note that there may be a delay in acknowledging and responding to any freedom of information or subject access requests that have been sent via post in recent days or weeks.

We will endeavour to respond within timescales where possible. Thank you for your patience.