Annual assurance and other assessments 

This page is updated with information about any other relevant assessments or inspections that we are subject to. You will find links to more information and associated documents.  

Annual assessment results

We are assessed annually by NHS England against a national 'improvement and assessment framework’. The assurance framework, known as the IAF, comprises 51 indicators that we are assessed against. Our results can be found on the NHS England website

Mental Health Investment Standard compliance

All CCGs have to comply with the requirements of the Mental Health Investment Standard for 2019/20 which demands investment in mental health rises at a faster rate than the overall published programme funding.

Sefton joint local SEND revisit 2019

Inspectors from Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) revisited Sefton in April 2019 to assess special educational needs and disability services, known as SEND, following up on their initial inspection in November 2016.

Sefton joint local SEND assessment 2016 

We worked with NHS Southport and Formby CCG and Sefton Council to submit a written statement of action in July 2017 about special educational needs and disability services, known as SEND. This followed an earlier inspection in 2016.